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Have you seen these?! Love it! Available now @maka_difference
Repost @oligopro

At Oligo we love art and encourage any form of self-expression which is why we collaborated with a local Montreal artist to create these limited edition jars. We hope their colourful design and inclusive message put a smile on your face. Collect all 3 and don’t hesitate to re-purpose them to add a touch of colour to your backbar!

Hurry, they’ll only be available for a short time!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a safe and wonderful day, filled with blessings and love 🥰. AND FOOD!! 🦃🥧🍻 ...

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💥Alright guys! Today's the day to make sure you are all signed up in our online store! Tomorrow at midnight, let the savings commence! 💥🥳🥳 ...

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Happy turkey week🦃🦃! Lets kick this weeks butt and and focus on all we can be thankful for🥰🥰🥰 Repost @neumabeauty

Gorgeous waves! 😍 By @sbrookexx at @mirthsalon #styledbyneuma

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🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩 @alfaparfusa on @ddlovato !!! Livin for the whole thing! Repost @alfaparfusa

Repost from @alchemistamber 💥 on the one + only @ddlovato

There is something about changing your hair so drastically that allows you to own yourself in a way you never thought!

• Back to Back foiling using @alfaparfusa BB 7 w/20 v( 2xs)
• Shampooed using @pureology Strength Cure Blonde Silver
• Tapped her base using Alfaparf #Colorwear (Vegan, PPD, MEA, Ammonia, Silicone FREE) 20 g 7.12 + 5 g 5.1 w/ 50 g of 5 v. 10 mins
• Overall gloss is Colorwear 10 g 10.13 + 10g 10.02 5g + 9.12 w/ 50 g of 5v 10 mins
• Finished with Pureology Nanoworks Gold

Cut & Color: @alchemistamber 
Hair: @paulnortonhair 
Makeup: @rokaelbeauty 
Styling: @siena 
Pics: @angelokritikos
Art: @kokirkyamahira 
Chair: #terjeekstrøm
#alchemistamber #alfaparfusa #alfaparfpeople #alfaparfmilano #ddlovato #colorwear #bbbleach

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Ooh, I really like that RV base 🤩styled out all beautiful and shiny🥰🥰 Repost @paishau

When qualiTEA meets creativiTEA. 💜⁠

📸 Brooke at @k.o.hairlounge

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Gorgeous combo! Make sure to check @babe_hair Facebook page for continuing education!!Repost @babe_hair

⭐️STARRY EYED ⭐️ over our Hand - Tied Wefts?? Us too! 🙌🏼

Shades: Frankie + Caroline a perfect match for that perfect dimensional blonde! 👱🏻‍♀️ @mad.hairs stylist created this look!
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#babehair #babehtw #babefrankie #babecaroline

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It's like a stormy ocean 🤩🌊🔥🔥 #bbbleach Repost @alfaparfusa

#stylistshoutout to @salonchristol for this Smokey Drip 💙 It's got us dreaming in shades of blue.
#pixiecut #creativecolor #monochromatic #bluehair #creativeformulation #creativecolor

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💥Education Alert!💥 Spanish and English options, check out @keratherapy Facebook page for more options! ...

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Always ready! Repost @alternahaircare

Ready to pump up the volume? ✨It's easy when you apply our #myhairmycanvas Any Way Texture Spray, a vegan texturizing spray that helps create effortless, natural undone waves with up to 24 hours of humidity 💧resistance.

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Gah! Its sooo chunky 💘🤩🤩 Repost @productclub

11/11 has us feeling extra lucky to see this MAJOR high contrast color by @beautybyqwolf 🤍 🖤 She painted extra bold pieces throughout the hair and insulated with #ProductClub Foil to get the perfect level of lift!

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Sparkle is always a good idea! These are just 2 of my faves, check out their Facebook page for more amazing hair art🥰🤩 Repost @lanzahaircare

👨🏻‍🎨 DRAWN TO LIFE 👨🏻‍🎨

No amount of physical distancing can separate an artist. 🖤

"Many of us begin our hair designs with a sketch pad and pencil, sketching silhouettes to design a cohesive collection. Since we can't work with real models and real hair as easily these days, we decided to flip the tables and do things the other way around." ✨

-Ammon Carver, L'ANZA Global Creative Director

This collection was drawn to life by fashion designer, Jennifer Daniel. Jenn had drawing tools and an iPad in her hands and was doodling atop the styles from the shoot done by photographer, Christopher Kolk.

"The hair is real, yet the technique makes each drawing seem as if it's coming to life."

-Jennifer Daniel

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We got the gifts!! I will be getting High Rise Hair... for me.. 🤩😘 Repost @amikapro

Meet our newest tin babies to add to your holiday shelfie! See more 👇 to check out each set.

💜 blonde in the big apple 💜 - blonde wash + care trio
combines your favorite purple-pigmented products to get rid of unwanted brass, accentuate cool tones, + leave hair shiny + soft.

💗 high rise hair 💗 - volume wash + style trio
get big hair with this volumizing set that gives hair incredible plumpness, thickness, + body.

💙 triple threat 💙 - bestselling styling trio
this bestselling styling set is taking the town by storm - achieve the hairstyle of your dreams with these 3 styling essentials that provide long-lasting results.

#amika #amikapro #haircareset #crueltyfree #healthyhair #hairroutine #hairtips #holidaykit

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So even 🤩! I'm dying to see the finished look 🥰 Repost @oligopro



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Its like a @lisafrank painting🤯🧡💛💜💙💓 Repost @trionicshaircare

Repost • @glamhairbymarie • AAAHHHHHHHHHH... 🌅🌅
• • •
Sunsets are my happy place 🧡💜
Swipe left to enjoy more of this beauty👉🏼
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Like butter!🧈🥰 Repost @keratherapy

"Good hair speaks louder than words."

With our Daily Smoothing Cream, your hair can take the lead. 😉

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What a great tip! I love this shot, too🥰😍 Repost @alfaparfusa

Processing vibes 🌞 coming at you from @sarahgoldsborough

#PROtip To create an authentic sun-kissed blonde, I always paint right up into the hairline. I diffuse the lightener with my natural bristle chip brush, for the softest blend. It will truly look like you spent the summer at the beach! As it grows out, there will be no harsh lines and it will blend seamlessly with your natural color ✨✨ Beach hair all year round. You’re welcome 🙌☀️🐚
#sarahgoldsboroughhair #goldxmane #balayageartist #blondebalayage #beachhair #modernsalon #behindthechair #alfaparfpeople #bbbleach

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Spooky season is over but I can't get enough! These were just 2 of my faves from the original post 🤩🥰👩‍🎤🎃 Repost @babe_hair

It’s Spooky Season BABES! ✨Some of our FAVORITE Halloween looks using Babe! 👻🎃 @emilyboulinhair ⚡️GLAM ROCK X ZIGGY STARDUST⚡️ @tiffanybydesign 💀@hqsalonspa 💙 🖤 @alyssaaakate 😈😈😈@tonyahaircandy 🧙🏻‍♀️
. . . . . .
#babehair #babehairextensions

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Really loving this purple shampoo 🥰Repost @alurambeauty

@marissaxbeauty’s cooler tones are perfect for this cooler weather!

Keep your blonde fresh toned and cool with Aluram Purple Shampoo.

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience

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Yes please! 🥰 Repost @alternahaircare

Our vegan 🌿 Shine On Defining Foam creates added radiance, smoothness, and manageability to heat- or air-dried styles -- no matter what your look may be. 🌟

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